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Movies From Asian America

Original Documentaries Offering an In-Depth Look at Asian American History & Culture

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Chonk Moonhunter features an extensive selection of documentaries covering all aspects of Asian American history. Some of our most popular works include What's Wrong With Frank Chin?, Manilatown Is In The Heart, and The Fall of The I-Hotel.

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Our films are as entertaining as they are insightful, but don't just take our work for it. Visit our reviews page to see what critics and historians have to say about our historical documentaries.


About Us

Discover the true history of Asian America from within with original films from Chonk Moonhunter. We offer an extraordinary selection of Asian American documentaries covering a myriad of thought-provoking topics, including forced urban renewal, Chinese-American culture, and the role of the Asian woman in America. You won't find these films anywhere else.

Chonk Moonhunter began with the intention of creating Asian American films and documentaries that would record our history and define our identity. This mission came on the coattails of the civil rights movement spearheaded by African Americans, agricultural reforms led by Chicanos and Filipinos, and the anti-Vietnam War movement. Based in Portland, Oregon, we ship our works nationwide.

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Winner of the Documentary Film Award, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, 1975


Manilatown Is In The Heart | What's Wrong With Frank Chin? | Fall of The I-Hotel] | Tino's | Dupont Guy: The Schiz of Grant Avenue | Wendy...uh...What's Her Name | Women Warriors | The Last Temple | Children of the Atomic Bomb


Spotlight on Curtis Choy


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