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Important & Enlightening Documentaries Covering Asian American History

Chonk Moonhunter offers a diverse selection of original documentaries covering all aspects of Asian American history. We are based in Portland, Oregon, and ship our historical documentaries to individuals, historians, and educational institutions worldwide.

Highlighted Works

Frank Chin

What's Wrong With Frank Chin? (2005)

A novel documentary about the godfather of modern Asian Americanism. Going beyond the confines of personal details and the controversies raging over him during the past 30 years, it expands to explore the much larger implications of the literary, ideological, and cultural changes in Asian America.

The I-Hotel

The Fall of The I-Hotel (1983, Revised in 1993 & 2005)

After the Manongs labored to build America, their San Francisco community is wiped out by urban renewal and 50 old-timers are forcibly evicted from the International Hotel by 300 cops in the dead of night. This film documents the destruction of the last block of Manilatown on Kearny Street.

Dupont Guy: The Schiz of Grant Avenue (1976, 2007)

Dupont Guy affirms the legitimacy of
Chinese-American culture, exploring the melting
pot theory, self-contempt, schizophrenic
language, duplicitous behavior.

Manilatown Is In The Heart Time Travel With Al Robles (2008)

San Francisco poet Al Robles takes us through the world
of the manong. This is the culmination of 30 years' work.

Popular Films

The Year of The Ox: The 1973 Chinatown Livestock Show (1985)

Featuring the talents of and interviews with competitors in the Miss Chinatown USA Pageant—why they do it and what is done to them. Several zodiac cycles later, the rationales for their participation remain constant and continue to be a forehead-slapper.

You! Young People! (2011)
Dr. James Yamazaki explains the bomb and the threat we continue to live under.

Wendy...uh...What's Her Name (1976)—Revised in 2005

Making Up (1974)
A look at asian women frantically applying makeup to their faces to become westernized.

Watada, Resister (2007)

The historical meeting of resisters from WW2 and Iraq, the real U.S. patriots fighting for our civil rights from 1944 to today: Lt. Ehren Watada, who refused to deploy to the Iraq War, in conversation with WW2 concentration camp draft resisters Yosh Kuromiya and Frank Emi.


Chinatown Wayback Machine (2009)—Chinaman's Chance (1971, New York), Chinatown Looks at Tourists (1972, San Francisco), & The Last Temple (1973, Hanford, California)

Women Warriors DVD—Making Up (1974) & The Year of The Ox: The 1973 Chinatown Livestock Show (1985)

Snipers in the Trees (1985)—A Compilation of Short Films

The Manilatown Series (2004)—Tino's (1972), Manongs: Tenants of the I-Hotel (1979), Manilatown Lives! (1986), & The Rise of The I-Hotel (2003)

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