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Chinatown Wayback Machine (2009)


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A compilation of Chinaman's Chance (1971) set in New York,
Chinatown Looks At Tourists (1972) in San Francisco, and
The Last Temple  (1973) in Hanford, California.
New York, 1971
Chinaman's Chance
(50:34) B&W

Frank Chin reports from New York City
examining race relations, gangs, the
legendary Ben Fee,and interracial

San Francisco, 1972
Chinatown Looks At Tourists
(10:20)  B&W

     A guerilla viewpoint of tourist
hordes invading a living community.
Hanford, 1973
The Last  Temple
(16:53) B&W

Frank Chin directs a documentary
about a rural Chinatown trying to
keep itself from disappearing.

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