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Snipers in the Trees (1985)


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     An anthology of AA music, poetry, broadsides and backfires.

Burros at Taco Bell  Based on a true story of Chinaboys
taking care of business (1973) with James Dong, Eric Hayashi

The Question Is...Janice Mirikitani answers the question every
red-blooded American boy asks (1976)

Making Up  Asian women frantically applying makeup to
become western-eyezed (1974) with Connie Young Yu, Kathleen
Chang a.k.a. Kathy Change

Revolutionary Testimonial  What do revolutionaries snack on
to keep going? (1972) with Connie Chan, Leland Wong; music by
Tim Dayanot, Michael Paul Chan

Hip-Shakin' C-Town  A pixellated romp through '70s era
Chinatown, San Francisco   (1975)  

Macho Man (aka Two Baddest Dudes)  Sachiko Nakamura
choreographs another comedic gem (1978) with Terry Chow,
Meehar Tom, Clifford Young

Jagaimo The Bandit And the Fabulous Bandelles  Music
video taken from Philip Kan Gotanda's "The Avocado Kid"
(1980)  with Bernadette Cha, Bill Hammond, Lane Nishikawa, Marc
Hayashi; music by Myron Chan, Greg Kondrek, Robert

additional music by W.K. Wong

with extras and a bonus film TRT approx. 25 min.

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