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The Manilatown Series


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     This compilation includes

Tino's Barbershop Quartet in Action   (1972)  18 minutes

Manongs: Tenants of the I-Hotel   (1979)   10 minutes

Manilatown Lives!                    (1985)  15 minutes

The Rise of the I-Hotel             (2003)  8.5 minutes

           IN ACTION
Located on the ground floor of the historic
I-Hotel, Tino's served as a living room and
hang-out for the Pinoy  bachelor society.  
Herein, a heartrending few minutes with
some real pioneers.

recorded by Curtis Choy and Jiro Maru

Begun with Curtis Choy's American Film
Institute Independent Filmmakers Project
grant, this near-textless short film of  the
struggle for the International Hotel was
the starting point for the 6-year project
that would become The Fall of The
I-Hotel.  This is the story about a lively,
vibrant community crushed by law.
After the brutal evictions at the I-Hotel, the
Manilatown Senior Center found itself moved
around a lot before establishing a site, and
thus, this celebration of community life.
24 years after the destruction of the
International Hotel, the weed-strewn
empty lot (whose catacombs were
home to the homeless) is filled in and
shored up for the start of construction.
A new I-Hotel, a Catholic school, and
courtyard are built on top of a parking

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