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The Year of the Ox: The 1973 Chinatown Livestock Show (1985)


Videography by Curtis Choy & Jiro Maru
Add'l editing by Spencer Nakasako

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Featuring the talents of and interviews with competitors in the Miss
Chinatown U.S.A. Pageant - why they do it, what is done to them.  
Several zodiac cycles later, the naive and hopeful rationales for their
participation remain constant, and continue to be a forehead-slapper.
This original documentary hails from the era of the first personal
portable video machines, the Sony AVC8400 Porta-Pak.  The crude
low-light performance and video dropouts of the mastertapes are in
evidence.  Features Victor Wong as an interviewer, way before his
movie fame as an eccentric old Chinese coot.