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Wendy...uh...What's Her Name (1976, 2005)

Movie Trailer


Produced by Jean Lau

Photographed and edited by Curtis Choy

Narrated by Tamlyn Tomita

Music by Scott Nagatani

Sound by Jane Gorai

Interviewer Teri Lee

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     On February 4, 1974, the notorious Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped newspaper heiress
Patricia Hearst.  A month later, SLA members and Hearst robbed a bank in San Francisco.  After the
telecast shootout with police in Los Angeles, two remaining SLA members and Hearst fled to rural
Pennsylvania, where they met Wendy Yoshimura.  Wendy was eluding authorities who had indicted her
on weapons and explosives charges in 1972. After 3 years on the run, Wendy was captured with Hearst
in a San Francisco apartment, where the FBI threatened to "blow Wendy's head off".  She was
kept in isolation for 40 days, then jailed for 3 months until the Wendy Yoshimura Fair Trial
Committee came to her aid.

This is the true story of Wendy Yoshimura,
Japanese American woman artist...  
from her Japanese childhood to her
villification by The Media, to her life in the revolutionary
'70s and the community that rallied behind her
against injustice.  

With scenes of Berkeley protests, a pilgramage to
Manzanar concentration camp, interviews with the Issei
founder of her defense committee and her defense team.

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