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You! Young People! (2011)


Executive Producer: Russell C. Leong

Produced, directed and edited by Curtis Choy

Sound by Joe Jiang

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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     Dr. James N. Yamasaki was Physician in Charge of the
United States Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission in 1949.  
He was sent to Japan to study the effects of the atomic
bomb on humans.  British forces refused to house him in
Hiroshima so he made Nagasaki his area of research.

Using declassified government bomb test films, found
footage, and the original art of atomic bomb survivors, Dr.
Yamazaki discusses what a nuclear bomb is, what it does,
and the grave danger all of humanity still faces with the
proliferation of weapons throughout the world.
    Produced in conjunction with the Asian American Studies
Center, University of California, Los Angeles.

See for survivor art,
video clips, articles by Dr. Yamazaki, lesson plans, and
other links.

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